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Rensselaer Central Schools Corporation (RCSC) understands how busy parents are today. Parents need information on what is happening in their students' lives, especially if there is an emergency. RCSC ensures that parents are in the know for routine events, emergencies and weather delay/closing notifications.

SchoolMessenger is the district's main tool for immediate outreach.

To make timely communications, RCSC uses SchoolMessenger. This communication system allows the district to send mass telephone, e-mail and text messages to hundreds of parents and guardians in an instant.

RCSC has developed protocols regarding how and when this tool is used.

Who gets the call?
In the PowerSchool Parent Portal, eCollect Forms contains a form called Contact Information for SchoolMessenger. The information from this form will be used for email, text and phone call messages. Once a day RCSC PowerSchool contacts SchoolMessenger and downloads data into the SchoolMessenger's secure system. Within 24 hours of being entered, a new family may begin receiving communications. It is important that the number entered in PowerSchool is correct. If a phone number is changed please update the phone number in PowerSchool.

I have multiple students in different schools- The system marks duplicate numbers. Parents with more than one student will not get duplicate calls. IF the telephone is answered by an answering machine, the system will leave a message.

Non-School Hours Emergency calls: Caller ID 219-866-7822 - are made from the District Office only. This kind of call may be made, for example, to tell families that school will be closed or delayed because of a power outage, or bad weather.

School-Hours Emergency Calls: Caller ID 219-866-7822 - are made from the District Office only.
In a true emergency, such as a tornado or fire, the district or school may need to get to parents quickly. Parents may need to come to the school to pick up their student. Or they may be asked not to come to school or to go to a different location to be reunited with their student. In the case of a true emergency, SchoolMessenger will send a message from the district in all of these ways:

• A recorded message to every telephone number on record for a student
• An e-mail to each e-mail address on record
• A text message to each permitted cell phone on record
District and school staff have strict instructions to use this emergency tool ONLY in a true emergency.

Text message permission
Cell phone carriers require SchoolMessenger to verify the owner has granted permission prior to communication.

Recipients opt-in by texting the word YES to the SchoolMessenger short code - 67587 from each device they wish to receive a text message.

The recipient's text of YES to the SchoolMessenger short code is this verification.

Changing your numbers or e-mail addresses
Log in to RCSC PowerSchool and go to eCollect Forms. Update the Contact Information for SchoolMessenger form. Changes will take affect after 24 hours.

If your phone number changes you will cease to receive any SchoolMessenger communications.

For further information, feel free to call the RCSC Administration Building at 219-866-7822.

Teachers will still utilize Remind

Classroom teachers will continue to use Remind for classroom notifications. SchoolMessenger is intended for broader reaching messages beyond classroom communication.
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