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Information regarding students without internet access...

RCSC has partnered with the following locations to use their property to provide internet access for those who do not have it for Distance Learning. Thank you to the community for graciously cooperating in this project.


If you have questions, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Available 8AM - 6PM, Monday - Friday (excluding Good Friday)
- North- Jasper Junction parking lot. 
- South- Tri-County Bible Church parking lot
- West- The Bridge Church parking lot
- East- RCHS Student Parking lot.  
- Central- Dumas Law Offices Parking lot, located South of the Courthouse Square. Park on the street.
- Central- Rensselaer Public Library (Hours 7 AM - 9 PM) Parking in the parking lot users can access the Library Wi-Fi named Rensselaer Library.

General Guidelines:
- Students/Parents are to remain in THEIR vehicles while accessing the internet. Observe social distancing guidelines.
- No one may enter the bus at anytime.
- The name of the Wi-Fi is the same as the network at school.  
- Only devices issued by RCSC will connect. Personal devices will not connect.
- Buildings are CLOSED at the locations where buses will be parked. No one shall be given access to the buildings for any circumstance.
- The location of the sites chosen were made based on the geographic location of students who do listed they do not have access to Wi-Fi.
- Hours of operation: 8 AM to 6 PM. Buses will not be available overnight. If the need changes and parents complain, the hours may change.

Bus Wi-Fi:
- Connection to the internet is provided by cellular modem to each bus.
- Each bus can connect between 30-40 devices simultaneously
- School issued devices will be able to connect. Non-school issued devices will not connect.
- All traffic is filtered through the RCSC technology infrastructure.

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